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Supporting the home energy transition

As HVAC contractors navigate the forefront of the home energy transition, Conduit Tech empowers them with a platform designed to maximize efficiency and enhance customer experience. I seamlessly integrated with their team to conduct a thorough UI/UX evaluation, develop a comprehensive design system, and deliver a holistic app redesign including a streamlined onboarding flow. This effort significantly reduced design debt, fortifying the application for future scalability and innovation.

Apr 2024

Conduit Tech is a startup working to accelerate installation efficiency of HVAC systems. I plugged into their team and overhauled their application design.

Design System

Conduit Tech, driven by the rapid pace of lean startup methodology, swiftly launched their HVAC platform into the market, uncovering promise market fit. However, this speed had led to accumulating UX debt, manifesting in manual user onboarding, a surge in support inquiries and hampered scaling. By immersing myself in their user feedback, product documentation, and competitor analysis, I pinpointed areas of friction and devised a plan. I executed a comprehensive UX evaluation, identifying fixes and advocating for a cohesive design system. The disparate styling and inconsistent interactions scattered across the app were unified, fostering a seamless user experience. This initial step set the stage for addressing deeper information architecture issues and more complex friction in user flows. Here's a glimpse into the design system overhaul:


After the core design system was built out, I spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of the Conduit Tech app, leveraging the new design system and informed by insights gathered from user feedback sessions. This transformative effort extended to crafting a new onboarding flow, tailored to enhance user engagement and streamline adoption of their ICP users. The result? A user-centric experience that not only addresses current needs but anticipates future demands, ensuring Conduit Tech remains at the forefront of HVAC innovation.

What I Did

  • UI/UX evaluation
  • Design system development
  • Discovery & user research
  • Comprehensive product redesign


"Ryan contributed meaningfully to our team on so many levels. He informed our overall product strategy by proactively collecting insights from users and documenting the cross-cutting themes. He completely revamped the design system powering our application, making our tool both more usable and more beautiful in one fell swoop. Ryan used his cross-functional product experience to provide insight into more effective product management and team engagement strategies. And finally, Ryan brought a level head and positive attitude to every meeting, contributing to the culture of our organization. We are lucky to get to work with Ryan and I am grateful for the time he’s spent with Conduit Tech."

Marisa Reddy, Co-founder, Conduit Tech

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